Instyler Max

Innovative 2-Way Rotating Technology.

Delivers smooth straight hair that doesn't fall flat. The curved shape and rotating motion of the barrel adds volume and body as you straighten, giving you hair that is full of bounce, body and shine.

The rotating iron technology gives you the straightening power to make even the coarsest hair silky, smooth and straight. evenly distributing heat to help protect hair from damage, while smoothing and reducing frizz.

Transform Your Hair.

  • Styling Versatility

    Lets you create straight and sleek styles or add incredible body and volume. Wrap your hair around the rotating barrel and you can achieve beautiful soft curls or bouncing beachy waves.

  • Frizz-Free Healthy Hair

    Straightens and smoothes without crushing, flattening or baking hair. Heat is distributed evenly to protect hair from damage, while the rotating barrel action smoothes hair and reduces frizz.

  • Rotating Barrel Technology

    Rotating heated polishing cylinder, tourmaline ceramic floating plate and four rows of precision aligned bristles combine to deliver a hair styling tool unlike any other.


Heated Rotating Barrel

Precision Aligned Bristles

Tourmaline Ceramic Floating Plate

3 Heat Settings

30 Second Rapid Heat Up

Automatic Shut-Off

6' Professional Swivel Cord

Your Perfect Look

  • Lift and Volume

    To give hair an extra lift at the roots, close the MAX around a section of hair at the scalp and let the barrel rotate from root to tips for 3 to 5 seconds before gliding down through ends of hair. For added volume, rotate the barrel in the opposite direction from tip to root.

  • Curls and Beachy Waves

    Soft curls or beautiful beachy waves are perfect for an everyday look or a special event. With the MAX open, wrap a section of hair around the barrel from roots to ends. Close the MAX around the hair section and let the rotating barrel do all the work.

  • Straight and Shiny

    MAX will create beautiful blow out looks in minutes. When rotating in the natural direction of your hair, the MAX will perfectly smooth and polish without crushing hair. Close the MAX around a section of hair and glide down slowly from root to ends to achieve smooth shiny hair with body.

See the Results

"There is no sizzling, no burning and you can feel the silkiness of your hair! You can run your fingers through your hair and feel how smooth it feels."

"When I use the InStyler, I feel like I'm spinning gold! Now I get beautiful, shiny hair without having to deal with the damage that other tools cause."

InStyler MAX Reactions

InStyler Support

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results within our money back guarantee period -simply contact our Customer Service Department for a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Then return it, including any accessories, in its original condition and packaging, and receive a full refund of the product purchase price. 


  • What is the MAX?

    The InStyler MAX Rotating Hot Iron is a styling and straightening tool unlike any other. It uses less heat than traditional hot tools and delivers better results. The secret lies in the MAX's 2-way rotating heated polishing barrel, tourmaline ceramic floating plate and four rows of precision-aligned ionic bristles. With the innovative 2-way rotation technology, you can easily control the direction the barrel rotates without ever having to switch hands or change the MAX's position. The 32cm barrel size creates incredible volume, loose curls and waves.

  • What is Ionic Ceramic Technology?

    The tourmaline ceramic rotating barrel and floating plate evenly distribute heat to the hair, protecting hair from being crushed or damaged and resulting in smooth and polished hair. The precision aligned ionic bristles gently separate hair and emit negative ions to reduce frizz.

  • Why does the MAX Rotate in two directions?

    The 2-way rotation technology allows you to easily control the rotation direction of the barrel without ever having to switch hands or change the MAX's position. By changing the rotation direction of the barrel, you get maximum styling versatility. Rotating the barrel in the natural direction of the hair from roots to tips will straighten, smooth and polish hair, while rotating in the opposite direction creates volume and body.

  • How do I change the direction of the rotation?

    To change the rotation direction of your MAX, simply click twice (quickly closing the MAX by bringing the barrel to the bristles).

  • What are the heat settings?

    The heat settings are low (140°C), medium (160°C), high (195°C) and MAX (220°C). The Low is a gentle heat good for fine hair and highly processed or color treated hair. High and MAX temperatures are for thick and naturally wavy or curly hair. Use caution when using high or MAX heat with fine hair.

  • Can I use MAX like a curling iron?

    Absolutely! Carefully wrap a section of hair around the barrel. Close the MAX and rotate your wrist to ensure the ends of your hair are included. Let the MAX rotate for 5-10 seconds. Open the unit and let the hair drop from the barrel. To create beachy waves, hold hair ends while rotating the barrel for 3-5 seconds before releasing.

  • How do i clean my MAX?

    When cleaning your MAX, disconnect it from the power source and make sure it has completely cooled. Wipe the outside surface only with a soft, damp cloth. Be sure to wring out all excess water before applying it to the MAX. Clean more severe build up by using a soft, damp cloth with a small amount of soapy water. Make sure the MAX is completely dry before plugging in to any power source.

  • What is the removable cool tip?

    The Cool Tip can be inserted into the top of the MAX barrel to allow for burn-free control while styling.

  • What is included with my InStyler MAX?

    1 x 32mm Instyler Max

    1 x User Manual

    1 x Quick Start Guide

    1 x Protective Heat Mat

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