InStyler Support


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We have found that many of our customers have similar queries or questions when reviewing our products, so we've collated a helpful list of frequently asked questions below.


  • What maintenance is required for my InStyler?

    Your InStyler is essentially maintenance free. No lubrication is needed. Keep all openings clear of grime and dirt. If cleaning is necessary, unplug the unit from the power source and wait for the unit to completely cool. Wipe the exterior of the unit with a cloth. You should not attempt any repairs. If a repair is required, unplug the unit, allow it to cool and return it for repair to an authorized service representative.

  • How should I store my InStyler?

    Unplug your InStyler and wait for it to fully cool. Store out of reach of children in a safe and dry location. Do not pull on cord at electrical source or wrap cord around the unit.

  • Does the InStyler work on all types of hair?

    Absolutely. You will get best results if your hair is combed and detangled first. The InStyler is a great tool because it will not leave crease marks like flat irons, and the polishing barrel and bristles will leave the hair looking shiny and beautiful. The InStyler is safe for any type of hair when used properly.

  • What should I do if my InStyler breaks?

    Do not attempt to repair your InStyler, since there are no user-serviceable parts inside. In addition, the InStyler contains many computer chips and intricate parts inside. The InStyler comes with a one-year limited warranty. If your InStyler is not working within the limited warranty period, we will repair or replace it. Contact customer service by calling 1800 222 684 for AU or 0800 008 666 for NZ.

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